A place for art

This year, Heritage Days in the Brussels-Capital Region are dedicated to the theme of “A place for art”.

With countless stages, cinemas, concert halls, theatres, museums, artist workshops and residencies, academies, the homes of collectors and corporate collections, Brussels is filled with “places for art”, some listed, others not, familiar to enthusiasts but often less well-known to the general public. From creative places to places for exhibitions, as well as places of teaching, the 2019 selection is testament to the richness and diversity of heritage in Brussels.

The hands-on side of things has not been forgotten either, with almost one hundred activities available to complement the tours. Walking and bicycle tours, bus excursions and exhibitions will take you throughout the region. From sculptures in parks and public spaces to comic strip frescos and street art, you will see that art is everywhere in the city. A number of projects have also been organised with the involvement of the city’s citizens under the label “Heritage is us!”, continuing the momentum created in 2018 during the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

This particularly rich and varied programme could not have been put together without the enthusiasm and creative spirit of the managers of the venues and the associations, municipal administrations and professionals who all helped to make it possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of these people who play such a vital role in the preservation and promotion of heritage.

Happy exploring!