Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery

© Bernard Estrangin

The Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery has been located in a house and its adjoining print workshop for five years. Organised in a U shape around a tree-filled garden, the complex, built in 1923, still retains several of its original features (fireplaces, stained glass windows, granito-tiled floors, wooden beams, etc.).

Throughout the year, the venue showcases the art of the Aboriginal population of Australia. The works presented in each exhibition are selected in situ by Bertrand Estrangin, in the most remote deserts of Australia. An avid collector, he travels thousands of kilometres every year through the red deserts of Australia to meet artists, in partnership with recognised art centres from the country, to bring their creations to a European audience.

Commentary available on request.

Guided tours (French and Dutch), Sat. at 14h00 and Sun. at 16h30.

sign-languageGuided tours in sign language, Sat. at 11h00 and Sun. at 14h00. In cooperation with Arts & Culture.

Practical information

Rue Jules Besme/Jules Besmestraat 101, Koekelberg
Sat. & Sun. from 10h00 to 18h00
Non accessible

Non accessible

19 Besme
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