Treasure hunt

When the walls of the Marolles Quarter show their true colours

With a logbook in one hand, a pencil and your good humour in the other, you’re all set to explore the Marolles Quarter and its colourful walls. Put your powers of deduction and your attention to detail to the test and answer the questions that dot the route. You will see a transistor radio at the side of a street, an octopus wrapping its tentacles around a building, collages of skeletons, a cat observing the people passing on Rue Haute/Hoogstraat, artists playing their instruments on Rue de l’Éventail/Waaierstraat, all representations that are truly part of the Marolles Quarter. Commissioned by the City or the result of spontaneous initiatives, these creations catch the eye and arouse our curiosity. They invite us to see the quarter, its history and its past and present inhabitants in a new way. Meyers, Parole, Kool Koor, Bonom, Spencer: just some of the names of the artists whose artistic creations serve as a call to explore and have fun. An activity not to be missed!

In French only.

In cooperation with Once in Brussels.

Practical information

Starting point: Rue des Tanneurs/Huidevettersstraat 62 (at the Once in Brussels premises in the back of the courtyard), Brussels

Sat. & Sun. at 10h00 and 14h30 (duration: 2 hours)

Please note that bookings are preferred. Visit (in the dropdown menu, click “Activities” and then “Fun activities” to access the “Heritage Days: When the walls of the Marolles Quarter show their true colours” product and then make your reservation). Up to 4 groups of 6 people (adults and children) per tour.
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