Guided tour

The Arbre Ballon Garden and the Vortex Babbelut

At the Cité Modèle in Laeken/Laken, in front of the cultural centre, there is a vast expanse of grass that goes down to rue de l’Arbre Ballon/Dikke-Beuklaan. In association with the Foyer Laekenois, landscape architect Gilles Clément has designed new paths and steps, dotted with yew balls and criss-crossed by bushes that rustle in the wind. In this garden in motion, a true work of art, poetry and organic beauty can be admired in both summer and winter. The walk up to the cultural centre is now like a fantasy walk or an excursion in the dunes. This work was the impetus for completely redesigning the landscaping of the Cité Modèle park, at the heart of which a new work was created in 2019. The work of artist Jean-Bernard Métais consisted, in a first step, of meeting the inhabitants of the city to invite them to write down words related to their personal or collective history in relation to this place. In a second step, the artist took hold of these “words-testimonies” which are words of humour, utopia, or simple questions, sometimes tender, sometimes funny, sometimes polemical, to inscribe them in a long random verbatim text. You will have the opportunity to discover these works, located in a public space and accessible at any time, accompanied by the group 101e%.

In French only.

A project in the framework of 101e%, an initiative of the Brussels Regional Housing Association (SLRB), a programme for the creation and production of a contemporary work of art, designed for a specific social housing building, its inhabitants and managers.

Project “Heritage that’s us!”

Practical information

Starting point: Roi Baudouin/Koning Boudewijn metro station (Cité Modèle/Modelwijk exit), Brussels-Laeken/Laken

Sun. at 11h00 and 14h00

6 Roi Baudouin - Koning Boudewijn
84 88 Roi Baudouin - Koning Boudewijn