General information

The times given for buildings are opening and closing times. The organisers reserve the right to close doors earlier in case of large crowds in order to finish at the planned time. Specific measures may be taken by those in charge of the sites.

Smoking is prohibited during tours and the managers of certain sites may also prohibit the taking of photographs. To facilitate entry, you are asked to not bring rucksacks or large bags.

“Listed” at the end of notices indicates the date on which the property described was listed or registered on the list of protected buildings.

The coordinates indicated in bold beside addresses refer to a map of the Region. A free copy of this map can be requested by writing to the Department of Monuments and Sites.

Information relating to public transport serving the sites was provided by STIB. It indicates the closest stops to the sites or starting points and the lines served on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please note that advance bookings are essential for certain tours (reservation number indicated below the notice). This measure has been implemented for the sole purpose of accommodating the public under the best possible conditions and ensuring that there are sufficient guides available. However, you are free to go to the starting points for these activities on the dates concerned, without a booking, as cancellations or vacancies may arise.

Download the Programme

Internet is great, but a printable version is even better!

Download the language version of your choice:

Accessibility to persons with reduced mobility

Thanks to the collaboration of the National Housing Association for Persons with Disabilities (ANLH), the degree of accessibility for persons with reduced mobility is indicated beside each site included in the programme. This accessibility survey was conducted on the basis of data supplied by the managers of the sites and has been verified by a member of the association. All parks, gardens and buildings with an accessibility logo have been verified.

The accessibility of the sites is indicated, according to the criteria and standards decreed in Brussels-Capital Region, by the following logos:

Accessible sufficient conditions have been met for the independence of persons in wheelchairs (manual or electric)
Accessible with assistance the assistance of a third party is required for comfortable movement and use of the site.
Non accessible presence of stairs or unavoidable obstacles

Please note that parks marked as inaccessible are those where too many obstacles are present and/or where it is not possible to make a worthwhile visit.

The accessibility criteria only relate to visits during Heritage Days. They are not necessarily valid during normal use of the buildings.

Further information about this study can be obtained from the ANLH (e-mail:

Guided tours in French sign language

This year once again, the association Arts & Culture is organising guided tours in sign language (French) intended for the deaf and hearing-impaired.

This year, these tours will showcase six locations:

Saturday and Sunday at 11h00. Tours will continue towards the Galeries cinema and the CINEMATEK.

Former Marcel Hastir workshop
Saturday at 11h00 and Sunday at 15h00

Bibliotheca Wittockiana
Saturday at 14h30 and Sunday at 12h00

Pelgrims House
Saturday and Sunday at 16h00

Former Compagnie des Bronzes site – La Fonderie
Saturday at 14h00 and Sunday at 16h00

Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery
Saturday at 11h00 and Sunday at 14h00

Contact (Regional Public Service Brussels Urbanism and Heritage)

Department of Cultural Heritage
Mont des Arts/Kunstberg 10-13
1000 Brussels

Telephone helpline open on 14 and 15 September from 10h00 to 17h00: 02/432.85.13

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